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Steering Lever

It is an ideal steering system and wheel transport device.

Huabang offers a wide range of high-quality steering tie rods that provide a variety of solutions for handling stability, running safety, and tire life and assembly space optimization.

About major design: ball joint

The tie rod ball joints provided by Huabang are made of high quality materials and precise technology, which make each ball joint perform well in free steering, axial force transfer and radial force transfer, thus they are will achieving low deformation and wear, excellent rotational performance and it will good at absorption performance.

At present, there are Jianghuai heavy Kagel hair series, Jianghuai light truck N721, Shuiling series, Jianghuai passenger car new energy series; Jianghuai pickup truck series, Jianghuai special car series and Jianghuai light and heavy truck other series; BYD bus series, Hualing Star and Horse series, Jinlong bus series; North Benz heavy truck series; Jirui heavy truck series; .