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Variable Speed Operation

During the drivers or mechanism used to change gears of transmission gears for gear shifting. Under the driver's operation, the transmission control mechanism can quickly, accurately and reliably ball joint  and hang into a certain gear.

The main products developed by the company are 5MT6MTAT shift control mechanism assemblies. The products are specially designed and developed according to customer requirements. The main parts of the products are made of nylon material. During the design process, the key points are to ensure that the control is lightly, flexible and durable, and the noise of the products is fully concerned to meet the “NVH”quality of the whole vehicle. Quality requirements.We has its own design and manufacturing capabilities for shifting handball and shifting protecting.

At present, the developed products are mainly matched with domestic class-one automobile companies, such as the Harvard, Tengyi series of Great Wall cars, "Jianghuai Ruifeng"series of cars, "Dongfeng Liuqi Jingyi", "Lingzhi series models", :Zhongtai cars", "SUV series models", "Changan MPV models".etc..